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In which cases should rechargeable batteries be preferred?

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Dear Doctors,

Many PD patients who undergo DBS surgery wish to have batteries that can be recharged when necessary so that for at least 10 years or more another operation is not necessary to replace the battery. Considering the developments and experience until today, is it possible to specify under what conditions rechargeable batteries should or can be used and how often normally they need to be recharged by the patients? Are there any practical rules of thumb in this area?

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Practically speaking for PD patients the re-charge-able may not be exactly what you are thinking. With conventional batteries the life is typically 3-5 years and there is no need to re-charge yourself---set it and forget it,


For PD patients the life of the recharge-able is thought to be only 7-9 years (approximation).


We typically discuss rechargeable when there are "high" settings and the batteries are requiring replacement less than every year or two. In this situation it may make sense.


Also, rechargeables have issues especially if there is not a great caregiver and dementia or cognitive issues are a factor in the PD,,,,,they are harder to manage in these circumstances.

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