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Family Stories That Bind Us

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I read the clip. For those that didn't it was about family and sense of history and belonging. And how that knowledge helps people cope with stress.


At the lumber store one day I encountered two of my cousins. One worked there and the other was buying. They were both about 21, and one was a cousin from my Moms side and the other from my Dads. They would of been 2nd and third cousins of mine I guess. I commented on them both being my cousins and I didn't know that they were even friends. They promptly told me that they had been best friends all their lives. I said that was sorta cool seeing that their grandfathers had been best friends all through school and into adulthood as well. They were surprised and never knew that bit of information. I can't believe that they didn't. Some people have no connection or knowledge of their history. To me, it is very interesting.

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JB49 -

The 'comments' offered up by the NY Times readership (since removed, unfortunately) were insightful, too. Many offered ways that a family's narrative, encompassing both triumphs and rough patches (the latter always overcome with fortitude & diligence, of course :-),) could be turned into a tapestry for resilience; a construct with which contemporary members could be a part of something bigger with attendant demands & expectations and self confidence. Others saw the author's hypothesis to confuse the dynamic of causation with mere correlation of a succession of events..


One commenter remarked how nearly impossible it becomes for an African American, culturally deprived youth to break free of the mantra of victim hood, blaming others, limited accountability, not trying, imbued by his society's leadership. (Rev. Jackson and Sharpton). If their story line were skewed just a half turn, spun a little differently to them, might their background be stripped of the racism of low expectations and achievement and advancement realized? Who knows...good grist for the mill however.


regards to all,



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