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Interesting (again)

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This is interesting! My symptoms started about 3 years ago right after I stopped taking an anti-anxiety drug that I had been taking for years. Makes me wonder if I should start taking it again! I am in a stressful job and it's going to increase immediately with the retirement of a senior coworker. The powers that be at work have decided not to replace her (trying to save overhead costs) and her workload is to be distributed among an already overworked staff. Maybe I should retire, too, to a less stressful job!

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After I told my employer I had PD, they moved me to an easier job, but it included carrying things and a good amount of walking. As time went by and my freezing and balance became worse, I could feel the fatigue build as I became more stressed and thus walking became more difficult. (while this is going on I am trying different drug mixes) Then one day the general manager spoke with me and said he wanted to offer me another job the would require no walking and a slower pace. The down side was it was less money (almost 50% less) but I could retain benefits. I took it as I think the other option was no job as I was not performing as I should. Well, I worked one week and it was tough, partly due to a new job and trying to find the right drug mixture (another thread). I took three weeks FMLA leave to get the drugs figured out. I've back for one week and I feel so much better. I believe due to the drugs and a job where I don't have to walk. Because when I do walk, its better, but freezing still happens and when it does I can feel the stress build and then the fatigue set in then its harder to walk - a crazy cycle.

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