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Coordination - using knife and fork

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I am having some issues with using a knife and fork. It is like my brain has a disconnect and I do not know which hand should pick up which utensil and how to use it. This has been going on for a couple of years now. I am interested in any suggestions to overcome this problem as I am going on a cruise next week and am worried about eating in the dining room in front of people. Usually at home I eat by myself so no one can see me and my hesitation. I will be traveling with my mom and have already told her that I may be needing her help to cut things.




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Ask for your food to be cut up before it is served. Many people are on specialized diets for any number of reasons. If anyone is brazen enough to ask, you can tell them your hands are particularly sore that day from cracking open pearls looking for oysters, or maybe even the truth--you have a condition that makes dexterity difficult. Once you do it, it will be easier the second time! And welcome home. How soon will you be in BC? Will you be in my area on the way? I live in the north Lynnwood area. 8)

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