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Conflicting research on melatonin

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Research literature suggests both that melatonin is bad for PD (melatonin antagonists eg light therapy may be useful):






and also that melatonin is good for PD (melatonin supplementation may be a useful therapy):





Obviously this is all still early research with very small test patient numbers, but could you please take a stab at explaining for the layman and the implications if any, especially if one or the other approaches might do harm?



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There is not much available to make this determination for melatonin in PD and we need larger and better powered studies. In my own patients I have not found it to be very useful, but it has not been harmful to anyone in our practice. Some patients note mild benefits. I will post so others can comment.

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I've been trying a bit less than 1MG for my mother, who has PD for 13 years now. Her sleep is disrupted at night when given a bridge does of Sinemet at 3AM so that she isn't as stiff and rigid when she gets up in the morning. So far, so good as to the melatonin although she has said she is having more vivid dreams, which I know is a side effect. She does seem more rested but I'm hesitant to have her take this on a regular basis

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