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Toxin induced Parkinsons

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Hello doctor,



Havent posted here in a bit but I wanted to know about toxin induced PD. My doctor once again has me on sinemet but its not working thus far ( only been three weeks on two 25/100 mg tablets a day). I will be moving up to three pills a day but the sinemet often makes me feel terrible if I go from sitting to standing, blood drains from my face, but if I lay down I feel much better.


Anyways. I ''smelled'' a sample of what Natural gas smells like ( well the chemical they add to it). And I instantly thought of my dads basement where I lived for years, I remember smelling that often but very faintly. Im wondering if I have toxen induced pd, is there a test for it and If I did have it wouldnt the symptoms go away after some time of not being exposed? Now keep in mind I believe I was possibly exposed to small amounts for as many as 7 years.


Cant find a lot of info on this thus far. Oh and the amantadine still helps my fatigue. Bradykinisia is still terrible in left hand fingers.


Thanks as always.





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First, it may not be the frequency and it may be that you need a higher dose of sine met; so 1.5 or 2 tabs three times a day. Watch out because sinemet and PD both lower blood pressure so stay well hydrated.


There are many epidemiological studies showing pesticides and toxins may contribute to the risk of PD especially when there is no family history. We have not learned enough yet to understand this phenomenon. One famous scientist once said, the genes load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger.

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