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I have been having strange neurological symptoms now for almost 6 months. It started in my feet with internal buzzing, shaking, and twitches. My legs would shake. This has gone all over my body. I am experiencing constant spasticity, twitches, you name it. My right foot hurts so bad in the mornings I can barely stand. My latest symptom that scares me is my thumb and forefinger twitch together at rest. I know PD is very rhythmtic but this twitch seems to have a different rhythm but for the most partners a 1 or 123 but it has gone up to 14 or 28. This has only been going on for 24 hours but I am afraid. I have been told by my Neuro so far they do not believe I have PD as my symptoms have come abruptly, and they are bilateral, but this new twitch is in the right hand. The right side in general is giving the blues. My original worrisome side was the left. The twitching is so slight that you have to be so close to it. It almost looks like more of the 2 fingers thumping. The body wide twitches and shakes I become use to. My body sometimes vibrates all over. The twitches do stop with movement. I feel as I say crunchy all over not so much stiff but rachety. I have an appointment on the 19th of August with my Neuro. I do know now that I damaged my sciatic nerve in a car accident. I did not know that until recently. I took a bad fall down the stairs of my house, and I used to be a couch potato and now I workout almost everyday and it is strenuously. Is there any other disorders that could be causing this? It seems that no matter the symptoms are the docs don't believe it is PD but what they are not sure. I have check for Wilson's. it has been suggested that I could have BFS and I will be going for MRI to see if I have MS.

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Thank you for the question. If there is uncertainty of your doctors between Parkinson's disease and essential tremor one can pursue a DAT- dopamine transporter scan which may help. Far and away the best method to diagnose Parkinson's disease is to see a neurologist with movement disorders fellowship training or a lot of experience in the field. There are a lot of things your symptoms can add up to, and they could all also go away-- the best way to proceed is with a expert at your side.

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