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Cold medications

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With the cold season upon us could you review what cold meds are safe to take? I currently take sinemet,amantadine and Azilect. For stuffy nose I used to use nasal sprays but I thought I read somewhere that was a bad idea.

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Good idea, here we go:

1) Runny Nose:

-nasal spray: they are ok to use, but the downfall is you can only use them for 3 days in a row.

Then you have to wait 5-7 days to use them again. If you keep using for more than 3 days, you will get

rebound rhinitis , which is where the more you use, the worse your symptoms will get

- Tablets like Claritin or Zyrtec work great during the day. Takes care of the runny nose, just once a day, and no drowsiness.

-Tablets like Benadryl work great, but be cautioned, they may cause drowsiness. Plus, this used to be one of the first meds

used for PD. This is a good option for night time. Help you with the runny nose and help you sleep.

-Vicks VapoRub: good product you can use. It does not smell the best, but does open the nasal passages so yo can breathe.


NASAL CONGESTION: This is when the sinuses, up in the head, are full of mucous.

-Sudafed- this is a good product, but not the long acting kind. The regular 30mg may help

but do not go any higher. It can bring about tremors if the dose is too high or a long acting.

-Mucinex- a very good product for nasal and chest congestion. Just the plain Mucinex (NO Mucinex D, or DM)

These can make our symptoms worse.

-Nasal Saline Spray- (Sometimes known as a Netti Pot): the nasal Saline spray works great. It is just salt water

whose main use is to thin out the mucous in the sinuses. You can use It as often as you want.


-DRY/HACKY- It is probably your sinuses dripping down the back of your throat causing a tickle. In this case, a Claritin or Zyrtec

during the day and some Benadryl at night. You can also use cough drops just to keep the throat moist. It may

also be a good idea to put a humidifier in the room to add some moisture.

PRODUCTIVE COUGH: Means when you cough, some "junk" comes with it. If that stuff is green, yellow, or a dark color, you may

have an infection and will need an antibiotic ASAP

If it is just clear junk, than just use some Mucinex (no D or DM) with lots of water.

***This is just a quick run down. Remember to drink lots of water or Gator Aid (because it has electrolytes) and when we are sick

We lose these these electrolytes. Remember, acetaminophen or ibuprofen for a fever and always remember to check with your Dr or Pharmacist.

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