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Giving the Americans With Disabilities Act A Global Reach

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Here is Gail Collins writing in today's New York Times in support of giving global reach to laws protecting the rights of the disabled and to children  by way of a United Nations  resolution.  Apparently impediments thereto are being raised by conservatives in the US Senate.  Many thoughtful remarks may be found in the comments section as well. 



Since I've been getting out more I appreciate how much the Americans With Disabilities Act helps me and folks like me.  I give Geroge H.W. Bush  and Senator Roert Dole their due for enacting the legislation.  It daily operates to improve my life. 
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The most favored comment to Ms. Collin's opinion piece was by Gemli of Boston who wrote


"It's interesting to watch Republicans squirm as they try to justify their opposition to common sense and human decency. They do it all the time, but refusal to ratify such a benign and essentially symbolic treaty supporting the rights of the disabled shines an unwelcome light into a dark corner of their shared psychology. This isn't the first and neither is it the most absurd example of the disregard they feel for the weak and vulnerable. They ignored the pleas of the parents of 20 dead children who lobbied them to strengthen background checks on gun purchases. They cut food stamps to millions of poor people while providing a safety net for farmers. They refused to extend unemployment benefits to people who were devastated by the economic collapse wrought during the Bush administration and they have resisted the extension of health insurance to millions of formerly uninsured citizens every step of the way.


"Rick Santorum's concerns about home-schooling children had nothing to do with the freedom to educate, and everything to do with the freedom to avoid exposing children to the real world. You can be assured that liberal propaganda regarding climate change and evolution would not be on the syllabus.

"When Republicans aren't motivated by stepping on the weak, they're motivated by fear. Instead of legislating in good faith to move the country forward, they're afraid to alienate the low-information, high-resentment voters, who might throw them out in favor of a rabid Ted Cruz clone. 

It's hard for Republicans to be part of the solution when they're the source of the problem."

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