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Parkinson's and violent behavior

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genden69    178

Because the date of this abstract is 1993, I would think that if it were relevant to parkinson's, it would currently be in mainstream medical practice. Studies have to be replicated. Have follow up studies been done?

Also, this abstract only refers to motor dyskinesias.

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jsaltsgaver    6

My husband has never experienced dyskinesia, which is basically caused by too much meds.  Another well known result of having too much dopamine is aggressive behavior.  I can only speak about personal experience.  Sugar definitely affects my husband's behavior -- either the sugar itself or chemically increases dopamine. 



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Pathfinder    65

No violent outbursts here but a disturbing event today concerned me greatly. We have our first snowfall today, coming home l struggled and tried three times to get up the driveway, slipping and sliding. I parked the car and phoned my son in law to come lend a hand. Hubby all of a sudden is adamant he is going to take care of it! Yikes! He hasn't driven since March, his dementia prevents me from even thinking of allowing him to drive. He was so argumentative and it was all l could do to prevent him from going out the door. I had to take those keys and tried to divert the conversation and that worked.


After dinner l explained to him that he couldn't drive and his actions would put others at risk and he took it well. That was a side of him l have never seen. Scary!

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afroney    124

Apathy and a lack of empathy is a relationship destroyer. This is what makes us human. To care is to love. Parkinsons destroys the ability to love. The opposite of love isn't hate it's indifference.

Yeah. It's why I'm glad I'm not married.


Might want to discuss your husband's agressive behavior further with his Neurologist and PCP. I had some issues with agitation. Most of it was infection and pain related, some PD related. Pain meds, antibiotics, and Nuplazid took care of 90% of the issue.

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