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New normal

Explanation of symbols and ratings

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I am new to the forum. I thought I saw a post which explained common abbreviations acronyms. Etc. I cannot locate it now.


I am curious about the symbols used..the star, the dot on post titles, some topics are highlighted. On the personal page for members..what is the rating ..good excellent ...how is it measured and for what.


I find this forum is excellent with administration. I just wd like to understand it better.



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HI New Normal,


The star indicates that you have posted on that thread. The circle indicates that you have not. I can't look while I'm typing, but the highlighted posts may be ones done by the professionals on the forum, or may just have had a certain number of responses. I have no idea who decides the ratings. I don't think I can be of much more help than that without going and looking at my own stuff. You might write to the NPF Forum Member Service Center and ask the people that run the show. I've seen the post of abbreviations somewhere in the last three years. It was posted by a member, but I don't remember which person.


Now it's time for bed!



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Thank you for responding to my question. I am interested especially on the format of our profile..there is a numerical rating in a green highlighted space...under the rating is the term...good, or excellent, or neutral ...on what basis is that rating formed, who forms it, and what does it mean?

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