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Impressive Article in the Smithsonian!

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Thank you, we have been honored to be inspired by so many of you for so many years!  The community is awesome.

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First, Jewish populations have been prone to more genetic disease likely because of the closed gene pool (less inter-marriage; though this is changing).


The comment in the Smithsonian about a surgical personality in re-reading I think refers to the following.  In general, neurologists are more medical and very hesitant to send patients to any type of surgery unless absolutely necessary.  Surgeons on the other hand are stereotyped as doing lots of surgery and less talking to patients and discussing medical options.  Dr.  Foote loves to talk to patients and discuss all options-- he is a neurosurgeon.  I also love to talk to patients and discuss all options, but I also love to go to the OR and participate in surgeries.  Some may say I have a more surgical personality.  Hope that explains your question.

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