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MComes RPH


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Hello to all my friends, 

I have good news and some not so good news.

About a week ago, as my family is moving into a new house and getting ready for a belated graduation party for our eldest daughter, something happened to me. I was walking to the sun room, saw little flashing lights, and down I went. 

Now I have always preached to listen to you're body, I didn't. 

Was rushed to the hospital for possible seizure. Even though I explained the that I was concious and able to give name, date of birth, address, social security number, and all 13 meds I was on. They did not take me to MY hospital. I understand they have a job to get you to the closest medical facility, so look up "why not to have an ambulance take a PD patients to hospitals. "

The first day there, they took me off ambien, oxycodone, baclofen, and fentanyl. Now this is a recipe for a major withdrawal. 

That night my blood pressure dropped to 53/24. At that point, I put myself in the hands of a higher power. I was weak, could hardly talk, had 3 to 4 fluid IV a day, but they at least let me take my own sinemet. 

My roommate, who I will call Tim, came in the day before I did. On day 2 we got to talking. He asked why I was there, my reply, Nobody knows, they think I had a seizure, but I was concious the whole time and felt every twist and jerk and thriving motion." I said, "How about you?" He replied with a Cheshire grin, "I have cancer, and could die anytime between now and 30 days."

He showed me his x-ray, and he was, what we call "Straight Piped." A small portion of his upper intestine was connected to a small portion of his lower intestine. The issue was, there was a blockage, that turned out to be an inoperable cancer bulge. They were giving him food by mouth that never absorbed. No IV.

My wife, who by coincidence worked for his insurance company, and I talked to his dr. All he wanted to do was go home and die with friends and family around him.

So, they changed him to IV protein, vitamin bag, saline bag, and fat soluble vitamin bag at about 11 am on day 2 of my stay. I feel like hell, but we knew he needed help.

Tim had a funny quirk, he would yell out random words in the middle of the night. It made me laugh when I would hear F-word then hospital. 

At 3:13 am, the early morning of day 3, he yelled,"MARK." I woke up and say the time. I asked if he was ok. With no answer, and his monitor still beeping, I knew he was ok, so I fell back to sleep from pure exhaustion. 

At 4:45 am, I felt this burning pain starting at my back and moving toward my chest. It felt like flaming arrows being pulled out of me. Now I have experienced pain in my life, a broken lower leg that came through the skin (ie Joe Theismann), broken ankle, broken wrist, broke every finger, broken arm, and a rib that pops out of my vertebrae. I have never felt pain like this before.

It ended, and I slept until 11am. I looked at Tim, and he looked great!

I asked Tim if he remembered yelling my name? He said,"Yes, because I was trying to warn you that the black horsemen were coming after you. Then I saw a bright light and thought I was going to the other side. Then I say the light go to you're side of the curtain, and realized our higher power was protecting you. I think it was because of all the help you and your wife gave me."

With eyes wide open, I could not say a word. I felt better, like some load was lifted, my spirits higher, and glad to see Tim better. 

I had a CAT SCAN, EEG, and corotid doppler. All were negative. 

True, while moving, I did not sleep much, eat much, but took my meds. I have emensely high anxiety levels. Add them all up, and BOOM!

I was let go this past Thursday. I am happy to say, my roommate Tim, who was supposed to go to hospice the day after I left, went home the day after me. HE WENT HOME!!!

There are things in life we can't explain. I do know this. We were put in that room together for a reason. I don't ask and will not ask the question of why, as I usually would. I am just going to accept it. 

My daughters and I are going to pick him up today and take him out for custard ice cream. 

I guess I want to say "Thank You." To my wife, my daughters, my family, my friends, my new friend "Tim", and who ever put us in that room together.

Keep the faith, keep on believing, and keep on moving forward. Because, as the band "The Police" said it best, "We are spirits living in the material world."

Godspeed my friends. Some of the Dr's will be handling my board for a bit while I recoup. Not sure how long, but I will hopefully be back soon. 

Thank you all for all you have done for me. I hope and wish I help you as much as you have helped me.

Godspeed and STAY ALIVE.

You're Pharmacist, 

Mark R. Comes (aka Kid Shakes) 

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