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Happy new year to all! You're favorite pharmacist is back for another year behind the intergalactic pharmacy bench and is ready to answer you're questions.

First off, I would like to clean up some old business. A friend of mine from across the pond, Miss Lisa Vanderberg, sent me this Public Service announcement that has been circulating around.

I have seen it, I like it, it is to the point, and it is true. I hate to say this but, many of the donors that put money into the NPF, or other Parkinson's organizations, are people who either have PD or know someone who has PD.

My challenge is simple. So simple it hurts that I did not think of it earlier.

How many people heard about the girl who sold Girl Scout Cookies outside of a legal medical marijuana dispensary? Was that a no brainer or what.

Now, I am neither condemning nor condoning the use of marijuana, what I am doing is applauding the entrepreneurial skills of this girl. BRAVO!

Now we, meaning us with Parkinson's, are kind of tired of chipping into our own till all the time to help "us." If you think of it, we already are putting our money in the till. We pay for Dr visits to a Parkinson's Dr, we pay for Parkinson's medication, we pay for things to help us around the house (canes, lift chairs, special beds, holders for the bath tub, etc).

My challenge is this: I would like for everyone out there who belongs to a non-Parkinson's organization, to get just 1 person to donate $1 to the NPF. This way we are going outside of our group to get help for us and for you.

Below is the link to the service announcement. Please, copy and paste it and send it to the other organizations you are in, you can even include it with you're emails, or if you know someone who owns a company, have them put this on their outgoing email.

I know we can do this. We are off to battle Parkinson's Disease, and I would bring everyone of you with me. Why? Because you are strong, you persevere, you are head strong, and you are fighters. The best part is, we do it every day of our life.

In fact while I was writing this, my insurance agent called, and I figured I would throw it by him. I figure, I give him money, the least he can do is donate $1. I walked him through the steps to get to site and where to donate, and BANG....we just got $10 bucks.

It's time to fight for us, so copy this link below, and feel free to pass along you're success stories. Heck, pass along any story that worked.

Let's get it on people! The challenge starts now, and does not stop.

Good luck!


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