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Vanderbilt DBS Research Project

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I am a 68 yo male in good health with the exception of PD.  My diagnosis was in June, 2014.  I am on a Dopamine Agonist and MAO-B Inhibitor only.  Last evening I was sent a questionnaire by MJFF regarding my level of interest in participating in a Vanderbilt Research Project intended to determine if early after diagnosis, DBS is effective in slowing the disease progression among other things.  My interest level is high.  However, my question is what is the possible downside of participating other than the normal risks associated with DBS?

BTW, last year I was at the White House when Dr. Okun received his award.  I have read both books and have the last on audio as well as in print.

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Thank you for your question and your kind remarks about the books.


For a surgical trial where the DBS would be installed before symptoms are bothersome I would think you would want to discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor face to face....remember surgery can lead to infection, bleeding, strokes, seizures, etc. 


I think all patients considering surgery for asymptomatic disease should weigh carefully!

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