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EllenRosen    5

I haven't been on the Forum in quite a while and the music topic is exactly what I needed to hear, thank you.  I studied piano as a child and teenager, did well at it, enjoyed it greatly but interests changed at 17 years old and the piano fell by the wayside.  Only YESTERDAY I was at a store in my neighborhood and never noticed the store across the street - Guitar Center.  I went in and saw a huge room full of electronic keyboards.  There's even headsets so you can play as loud as you want without bothering anyone in the house.  I sat down to run some scales and my fingers stumbled awkwardly over each other.  But the finger memory was still there and I remembered the sharps and flats.  I realized this would be a great activity to improve dexterity and hopefully even get back into the joy I once had playing piano.  The search is now on for the keyboard.  I participate in Tremble Clefs singing group for PD and it's improved voice projection and throat muscles. 

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Seward    0

There is shaped note singing in Tucson early March, I usually attend.

I've had bad experiences with Guitar Center, they use commissioned sales people.  Try craigslist or nextdoor.

In the mean time, one can sing eight days a week around the twin cities.


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