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First Doctor visit for Parkinson's symptoms - now VERY confused!!!

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Hello all! :) 


Thought I would give you an update. After raising hell with my PCP, 

I did receive a referral to a Neurologist. Was to have an appointment 

December 19th, but they rescheduled to January 25th. That appointment

went very well, and the Neuro is pretty sure I have PD. Will have an MRI

on February 7th and a follow-up with the Neuro on Feb 24th. He started 

me on Requip 0.25mg 3x per day. I'm on day 6 and no response to symptoms

so far that I can see. 


So very glad I got a referral and will get to the bottom of my problems, whether

it is PD or something else. Thanks for everyone's great advice, and I look 

forward to participating more in the forum. Have a great day, everyone!



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Hi Cheesehead!


I just signed in to respond to your post about your doctor,

and saw you responded here. Welcome! I hope you find

the answers you need as well. My main doc who would not

look at my symptom list is through the County Health Dept.

I have to wonder if he dismissed me without looking at my

symptoms list due to the fact I am on Medicaid? You mentioned

not having insurance... I was in the same boat as you until a

year ago when I was told I qualified for Medicaid due to low

income. Perhaps check into that. I thought you had to have

kids to qualify, but apparently you do not.


By the way, I had mentioned the medication had no effect on my

symptoms, and still hasn't. If anything, my insomnia has gotten

much worse and I have only slept about 2 hours over the past

two nights.


My MRI was yesterday afternoon. I told the lady who did it I didn't

have an appt with my Neuro until the 24th, but would they call with

results? She said the results should be available in 5 days and I

could call the office next week.


Best of luck with your journey!!

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