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On the importance of seeing a Movement Disorders Specialisy

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Good point.  I remember assuming it was nerves in my back and neck and seeing orthopedists trying to fix my back problems.  My back did hurt a lot, but it was not for the reasons I thought.   When things got even worse, I went looking at the online tools.  I am sure PD was on the list, but I remember thinking MS was a possibility.  I must have ignored PD or the online tool did (because of my age).   I didn't like neurologists at the time because I had a neurosurgeon do back surgery to relieve a bulging disc.  He ended up leaving me for two weeks with a spinal fluid leak. Nobody should ever have to feel CSF dripping down their back or be able to touch it!


I had to go to neurologists, but one said I was "too young" to have these problems and one said I was good because my MRI was clear (ok, but I am still not doing better).  I may have had an unnecessary fusion on my neck.  When my problems didn't improve, I went on a downward spiral and I eventually could barely walk.  Then, the revelation came from a very sharp neurologist who had better education and experience because we were now being treated in a major city thanks to recent move. It was obvious, he said.  That day was the first I heard of an MDS.  He knew to point me directly to the best MDS group in the area.  Now it makes sense, I had (still have) a movement disorder why not see a Movement Disorder Specialist?  It seems so simple, but the thought never occurred.  I am SO grateful to have an MDS.  She notices things I don't and knows how to deal with the issues.  She makes my wife happy too; which is great.  Similar to that article, we struggled for answers and received constant misdiagnosis and medical expense increases.  To have someone with answers is miraculous to us.

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