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Michael Ehlers

Chest tight around transmitter

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Humor: I had in installed yesterday, and woke up to a shaved belly! It was implanted in my chest.


Normally in town is another Neurologist who loves to attend DBS and Battery Surgeries. His practice is managed by PA's (Physician Assistants) for on going care, freeing him up to attend surgery. Well he always insist on belly placement. Women do not like the chest placement due tank tops or bathing suits, easier to hid down near the waist, especially when skinny.  My MDS sees every patient personally as she likes to chart each one, and was honest there is nothing for her to do during a Surgery! Leave that to the Surgeon and Medtronics Rep.


So for both Men and Women, waist it is.  Two of my friends with DBS (out of 25?) have issues. Abdominal surgery is adding to it, and I went with the  Medtronic Activa SC Model 37602 - non rechargeable -- due to my ongoing cancer scans.  Like any implant there are always concerns, but this is an advantage when I will have MRI screens in the future. I wanted it in my chest due to future imaging of lungs/internal organs. 


So I make it into the OR and nothing is drawn with a surgical pen! Everyone was thinking I had the other Neurologist, but it wasn't until I was out that they didn't notice lack of pen marks due to the amount of body hair (I'm a bear!).  Thankfully we have all our medical paperwork, including medical Power of Atty listing my wife. She explained why I wanted the chest placement, so everything went smoothly! Whew!


My Surgeon told my wife "I hope he isn't too mad at me" for the shaved belly. Excellent Neurosurgeon, but everyone in the OR was surprised I didn't make it with a hand written note on "place here" per normal protocol. 


Time will tell with that stiffness, my biggest concern on placement was impacting my pushups! I've become this crazy workout person who loves working out. Little bit of a change compared to when I could not manage one pushup on my knees, nor a plank. Irony is my back feels so much better with daily stretching/works that "sitting on my butt" for a few weeks is driving me crazy.  Last thing I need is to rip a stitch and get an infection, so for the first time paying attention.


My new espresso machine arrived last week! Can you tell?

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Are you saying you had yours installed and are doing push-up already?



I want to get  back to full stretching, but can't yet


NO! Don't want to rip out stitches, but looking forward to working out once heeled! Maybe I should just do some squats meanwhile.

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