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"Dystonic storm"

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About 1/3 of us with Parkinson's also have Dystonia.   Not the "storms" by more fixed muscles, sore neck. I joking call it a ocotopus that tries to twist my head off until my levodopa kicks in.


Personally I have never heard of the term Dystonia, until my MDS mentioned it.  Key item in my life was trying to hold a pen and write as it was a painful exercise.  I learned to use a typewriter as my hand cramped badly (age 7).   Later in life I dreaded  writing out a check at a grocery store (I'm older than ATM cards). Irony is I have very small part in widespread ATM usage. :)


I suspect you maybe asking with respect to DBS for Dystonia, which is common.  I had GPi placement of DBS for that reason, to help both Parkinsons and Dystonia.  Time will tell.

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