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mini brains - for research

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Hi -


I was happy to hear this report on my way to work.  The upshot: animal studies haven't been working for Parkinson's & other neuro diseases.  Mini brains provide a way for researchers to experiment on human 'brains'.





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Fascinating research tools.


It is import to remember there is ZERO sensor input or output. 


It is just fascinating. I meet a young lady who was doing her PhD work on these cell structures, and working to unlock the mysteries of alpha-synuclein. Funny part was her comment "you seem to know a lot about Parkinson's".  She didn't realize the progression, thinking it was just very elderly. She was shocked when I explained I know of teenagers and people in their 20's with Parkinson's. Great discussion, but it will be years before we know how her research went (She finished up her PhD and decided to go to Med School and specialize as a MDS!).  


There is so much yet to learn to unlocking the mysteries of the human brain.

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