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Disability insurance after DBS

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This is crazy I went on disablility 1/1/2015 had a term life policy ,I didn't realize that it disability rider filed and it was harder to proof than SSD but it went through. Now since I had DBS surgery they are giving me grieve. And like I said this just pays the insurance policy! Any advice on how to handle ? Oh and the the programmer MDS Dr is also kind of missing up things with her verbage !

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So, is your disability insurance claiming that DBS has made you no longer disabled and therefore able to return to work?


If that is the case you'll need to have your MDS send the disability insurers documentation that you are still unable to work (assuming you are indeed still unable to work). There be some headache with that, but it is your doctors job to send the insurance folks accurate and correct information in support of your claim.

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