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Combing Sinemet or Dopamine agonist with other Medications in comorbid situations.

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I am a newly diagnosed with parkinson disease,51yrs male.I have a pre-existing mild mitral valve prolapse with mild regurgitation whose symptoms of palpitation and anxiety,has been treated with initially propananol,and a benzo,now metropolol and xanax since I was in my twenties.Now with the diagnosis of parkinson,I am faced with the dilemma of dealing with the side effects of drowsiness from xanax and sleepiness from miraplex.I can handle the drowsiness from xanax because I only take it at night,very small dose,about 0.025mg and 25mg of metropolol succinate at night and in the morning.Sometimes I do have elevated blood presure when anxious.I have tried mirapex as prescribed by my md for a week it did not work.while on mirapex,I never drove.My question is how high is the risk of having a sleep attack when combing parkinson meds with benzos and betablockers?

Your response will be highly appreciated.




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Great question. When someone is taking 2 medications that may cause drowsiness, even though they are different types of drowsiness episodes and onset, the patient must know that this could be a possible additive effect.

When a person takes one medication that may cause drowsiness then adds another medication that may cause drowsiness, it can result in a 1+1=3 effect. The effect of the drowsiness when 2 medications are added together can compound the effect. This is what may happen when adding Mirapex with Xanax.

I hope this halps and please keep me posted.

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