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Linda Where Are You?

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Oh heavens.  That's what courtesy and communication is all about.  If I know of a person, know what they have said in the past, stood up for with honesty in their posts, whether I agree or not I will always listen and see the good heart of the person.  Have a good night, my friends.

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Linda.  My father passed away 20 years ago, shortly after my Parents 50th Anniversary. Mom passed away a few years ago. She figured 88 was a good age for her, woke up spitting mad on her 89th Birthday. My Sister asked what was the matter "Momma went when she was 88, my SIster passed at 88, and I figured out 88 would be fine for me. Didn't plan on 89! Yes, she passed before her 90th. 

Two girls, four boys. I'm the youngest. All of us were very curious active kids. These days they'd label it as ADHD but we had fun with build forts, running around the neighborhood and doing all sort of things to burn off our energy.  Dinners at home, or my Grandmothers house. My parents going out for dinner was a very rare occasion.  Dad had found an ironing roller for my Mom to help out with those items to be ironed (School dress code was navy blue skirts/pants and white shirts). We only had one pair of pants so you put them off before school, took them off immediately after school.

Ironing machine was expensive those days, My Dad worked part time in an appliance store and managed to take in a broken one and repair it, and brought it home for mom.

Wishing everyone a happy Easter. Time is up for me, need to step away from the computer for the rest of the day.


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Tom:  This  was so much fun to read, especially about your mom.  Whew--she had 6 probable ADHD kids?!   Amazing she lived to be 89!  I know how hard it was on my parents that my oldest brother was probable ADHD--or at least the HD part.  :-)  He was always getting into trouble, and he died in his early thirties in a small plane crash that the pilot warned him could happen if he boarded because of the extra weight it put on the plane. (The pilot survived, but did sustain serious injuries which fortunately with time healed.)  He had such a hard time about my brother dying that he would occasionally visit my dad and apologize through agony and tears of guilt and regret.  My dad felt so bad about it and reassured him that he didn't hold him accountable.  My dad always figured something would happen like this.  My dad said that my brother lived a lifetime, though, in the short life he had.  And he did.  I remember being with him in his truck speeding up and down hilly country roads that had speed bumps, both of which he loved to go over without slowing down.  He also wanted to build on the top of his house (which he and my dad built) a (can't remember what it's called) place to put a plane.  I wonder if anyone knows what I mean?  It was something to do with how it was built and how it tunneled the air(?).  Not sure.  My poor sister-in-law.  :-)  

I remember my mom having had an ironing machine, too! 

Thanks again for posting for us to read, Tom.  Would love to hear more stories, which I'm sure were many.

Wouldn't it be fun to start another thread for others to share memories!  Want to create it for us?  I think it would be the sort of thing that would bring us all even closer in knowing each other, building understanding and closeness which is something of great value in supporting each other and growing the care we have in the Forum.  I see it as a potentially very valuable aid in our PD journey.  What do you and others think?

Edited by Linda Garren

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