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Updating On Sinemet CR issues

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I posted last fall about my issues with Sinemet CR and my PD nurse practioner not being willing to prescribe the Immediate Release just give me a jump start in the Am or a little rescue due to the slow kick in of the Sinemet CR. I was taking Sinemet CR 25/100 initially along with 18 mg ropinerole and Azilect. Instead of adding the IR she increased my CR to 50/200 3 x a day. It made me crazy. I was way over medicated . After 2 weeks we went back to 25/100 CR 4x day. And reduced my ropinerole to  12 mg. This is much better. Most of the time I function pretty well. But I still , more often than I'd like find that usually it might be my 2 or 3 dose doesn't kick in for a couple hours and then I take my 3 dose , or 4th and it's like they both kick in at the same time. I do not feel as manic but I get what I think is slight dyskinesia. I just keep wiggling my left foot or if I'm standing my husband will notice a slight rocking motion, he calls it. When they don't overlap I'm really good. I also just discontinued Azilect when it went to generic and the price for name brand went to$243 and $143 for generic w insurance! I have noticed no ill effects from quiting that. I exercise daily and ride my stationary bike 3-4 miles a day. Plus ride my horse as much as the weather this time of year allows. I still think I could do better if medicated differently. I just feel there has to be a happy medium. I have an appointment with a new MDS at a Motion Disorders Clinic in April. I'm hoping he will be able to smooth things out for me. Horse show season is coming and I am not willing to give that up and don't want to have a  wiggly foot . I also find if it wears off quickly my internal tremors are horrible. As soon as the med kicks in the tremors are gone. I will update again after I see the new  MDS! 

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