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No PD symptoms after having Demerol and Versed for EGD

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Dr Okun


I had an EGD Monday. I was given Demerol and Versed and had it at 12:00 pm I did noi have any PD symptoms until about 10:00 pm. Is the Demerol and Versed the reason? I felt like I did not have PD. When I got up the next morning, all of the PD symptoms had returned. Is there correlation between the drugs and masking of PD symptoms?


I have had PD for 3 years.i feel like my symptoms are on a fast track. I switched to Rytary 11/17/16 from

Sinemet so I would have more time between doses from 3 1/2 hrs to 5 hrs. I still have uncontrollable tremors,stiffness, dyskinesia, dystonia, unstable balance, neuropathy of hands and feet, nausea, vomiting, GERD stomach pain and constipation I am having a gastric emptying test tomorrow I did not have the stomach issues until after I started Rytary. My MDS does not want to make any changes to med until the GI dr determines a diagnosis.


Do you have any recommendations to help me??


Thank you for your consideration. I appreciate all you do to support PD patients

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Yes the sedative meds you took we have heard can improve PD symptoms for many hours but we do not recommend their chronic use.

The Rytary in some of our patients has resulted in stomach issues and we switch back to Sinemet in these cases.

Taking SInemet at more frequent time intervals may solve your wearing off.

Hope you feel better.

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