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Lu States

is anyone on methadone for pain ?

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i have had to change drs. who refused to continue my norco prescription which i rely on for pain management.  he sent me to a pain mgt. specialist, who took my muscle relaxer away as well, but prescribed methadone for chronic pain.......which i have.  getting an MRI to see what is up with my spine, which is constantly inflamed.   meanwhile, i am nervous about the methadone after reading about it online.  i would always stop my norco for several days every month or so to make sure i had no withdrawal symptoms, and i never did.  people taking methadone say the withdrawals are terrible.  the pharmacist said that with the methadone i shouldn't stop like i did with the norco to check on....addiction ?   anyway, the methadone sites were filled with people taking it for heroin abuse.......i could find no one taking it for pain.

if anyone is on methadone, i would appreciate knowing what you think of it.       thank you,  lu

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