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Sandy Zajdel

Treating Dystonia

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Hi everyone,

I have been on Carbidopa/Levedopa 25-100 1 1/2 tablets 3x day and started experiencing a constant, involuntary movement in my foot.  I can only assume that the constant movement created a "tendinitis " effect and was so painful that it felt like an elephant stomped on my foot!!  Originally doctor thought it may be triggered by the medication.  After visiting with the MDS, he believes it is dystonia and recommended it be treated with Clonazepam (Klonopin).  Has anyone here experienced any of what I am describing? 



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Sandal, I hope someone who knows more than I do answers your question. You might ask the doctor a question in the other section. I take the same dosage as you. When I went higher, things didn't go so well for me, but I'm ok at current dosage. A MDS would have seen far more of this sort of thing, but that doesn't make him right, but he sure knows more than I do. I wish you good luck.

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