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One sided Symptoms, Walking through water

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Its difficult to put into writing but i,ll try my best.

I have left side stiff and achy muscles mostly left leg calf, foot and a perminant achy left shoulder. I have trouble rolling over in bed to the left side, have trouble getting up from bed and rest and difficulty getting in and out of the car. My left leg seems to be behind if that makes sense. i suffer from terrible nightmares which occasionaly wake me up from the little sleep i am getting at the moment. on average i sleep maby 2-3 hours per evening as i,m constantly woken by the stiff achy muscles down my left leg. The lack of sleep is now causing depression as the achy tight muscles will not go away. Just last week i took the most horrendeous cramp i have ever taken in which my left foot twisted inwards this in turn caused pain for 2 days " it was that severe". Its common for me to choke on food and my own saliva and have had episodes of stopping breathing whilst trying to sleep. Lately my left foot at times seems like its super fast vibrating inside " a bit like water running really fast being poured from height over your skin" its so annoying i pull off my shoe thinking that will stop it but it never does, the annoyance finally clears on its own accord after a while. I cannot walk too far i start to slow down because left leg starts getting painful and drags which is really pi!!sing me off now. I have been to gp and he thought i had ms, he then sent me for an mri scan and the results came back clear. Within weeks due to symptoms i went back to gp and he pushed for an urgent appointment. to which i am awaiting the consultation for. I wrote here because i am right handed and for the life of me i could not get a written report i needed to do written, "i  just could not do it" my writing was a mess then kept like flatlining. Anyway long story short a good friend who worked in a hospital environment most of his life as a senior staff nurse noticed the handwriting and asked if i had other problems which i causually told him about, he then told me to go back to gp and get refered back to the neurologist as he thinks i am showing classic symtoms of young onset parkinsons. I was shocked he mentioned this, personally in all arrogance i thought it was a disease for older people, i,m only 47years old keep an active as possible lifestyle and visit the gym reguarly however that attitude changed quite fast after doing some research on pd.  My job in electronics in which i own my own small business is suffering as the circuit repair has now stopped as i just cannot carry out the fine motor skills anymore. At times when asked how i feel when i cant walk well. I tell people imagine your in a pool of water or in the ocean but only knee deep, i explain thats what it like trying to walk at times exactly the same as trying to move through the water. Its the only way of explaining how i feel at times. 

Dr.Okun. I have not listed all symptoms as i dont think there is a way to list and put everything to writing, i do not have resting tremor however my right pinky will tremor when my arms are raised horizontal,  i can only list what is mostly happening.  Do you think my good friend is right in his part diagnosis can it be Young onset or do i worry too much. Personally i,ve done enough research now to accept diagnosis so wont be too much of a shock. I actually think it would be comforting to get to the bottom of my annoying symptoms and hopfully get some sort of life back.

Thank you



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Your symptoms could be consistent with Parkinson and your age at 47 would not eliminate Parkinson.  One sided symptoms as you describe with associated pain and dystonic postures could definitely be PD.  I would suggest you see a neurologist or movement expert.  I would not however try to self diagnose as in some cases you may be wrong.  If you have PD, based on your description I would anticipate this to be very treatable and for you to do very well.

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