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I had a neuro psych done and results were quite poor.  My work performance has also deteriorated and I received a poor review at work.

I cannot afford to go on disability now, due to having a kid in college. So he placed me on  rivastigmine .  


I was wondering if anyone else is or has been on this drug.  How long did you notice a change in things?  I have been on it two days, and feel somewhat clearer, but this might be a placebo effect.


Any thoughts would be appreciate.



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Hi Edward,

I don't have any experience with rivastigmine, so unfortunately nothing to add there, although I certainly hope it helps you.  I've had YOPD for two years and my day job is that I am a veterinarian who specializes in holistic medicine and hospice and difficult to treat diseases in dogs and cats including dementia. I rely on a host of supplements to treat my own disease and many are known for helping with dementia, esp lion's mane mushroom, high dose niacin, ginkgo and fish oil.  I feel like I now have the best mental health I have ever had, even before Parkinson's.  The high dose niacin was especially miraculous for me for mental health - there are a bunch of articles on it for use for dementia.  Before taking it I almost had to stop working my fatigue, anxiety and brain fog were so bad. Here's what I take


and some info on using niacin



Hope this helps!

best wishes,




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Get on a regular exercise program. I take dance lessons and do the PWR program. 


I don't take the med you are referring to.. Maybe a post in the ask a pharmacist forum? 


Good luck. Keep fighting!

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I was placed on Rivastagmine about 3 years ago after neuropsychological testing revealed deficiencies that were dangerously close to that of an alzheimer's patient.

It worked very well and allowed me to continue working for the next three years until a nasty infection put me out of comission for good. My most recent Neuropsych exam showed I had improved significantly - I attribute most of it to the Rivastagmine.

The side effects can be quite nasty in some people.  The worst I've experienced is nausea. 

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