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Edward Sky


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I had a neuro psych done and results were quite poor.  My work performance has also deteriorated and I received a poor review at work.

I cannot afford to go on disability now, due to having a kid in college. So he placed me on  rivastigmine .  


I was wondering if anyone else is or has been on this drug.  How long did you notice a change in things?  I have been on it two days, and feel somewhat clearer, but this might be a placebo effect.


Any thoughts would be appreciate.



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Hi Edward,

I don't have any experience with rivastigmine, so unfortunately nothing to add there, although I certainly hope it helps you.  I've had YOPD for two years and my day job is that I am a veterinarian who specializes in holistic medicine and hospice and difficult to treat diseases in dogs and cats including dementia. I rely on a host of supplements to treat my own disease and many are known for helping with dementia, esp lion's mane mushroom, high dose niacin, ginkgo and fish oil.  I feel like I now have the best mental health I have ever had, even before Parkinson's.  The high dose niacin was especially miraculous for me for mental health - there are a bunch of articles on it for use for dementia.  Before taking it I almost had to stop working my fatigue, anxiety and brain fog were so bad. Here's what I take

and some info on using niacin


Hope this helps!

best wishes,




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Get on a regular exercise program. I take dance lessons and do the PWR program.

I don't take the med you are referring to.. Maybe a post in the ask a pharmacist forum? 


Good luck. Keep fighting!

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