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Hello doctor my name is mr hilaire I am 44 years old I live in congo brazzaville it is in central Africa I was diagnosed with Parkinson in 2012 after a long period of medical fumbling because no specialist structures For this kind of illness since the doctor who put me under SENIMET 100mg / 10 1 tablet morning one tablet at noon one tablet in the evening that j associated with Trivastal 50 LP two tablet morning two tablet evening already this doctor was returning to Russia or He lived and medicines were rare and expensive in addition I always had tremors I tried to read on the internet the dosage that took some patients I had to increase dose of myself gradually to such a point that since 2014 I drink Of the sinemet 250 MG / 25MG two tablets between 8h am and 12h am and two other tablet between 13h pm and 6h pm then at 19h I wood 2 tablet of Trivastal 50 LP this seemed to help except that to this day I A lot of tiredness between 7 am and 6 am but I feel better starting at 7 pm but I almost do not sleep I find sleep around 2 am am then I have too many problems of balance I fall very often I ' I have loss of information (memory) out I do a little work in the hotel business or the future compared to the symptoms of parkinson makes this work more and more uncertain so I often spend weeks without medication because the supply is Not always evident also if it is the expensive cost 45 € the box of sinemet then doctor that you can advise me to other members of the forums here my account paypal (hilaireroger@aol.fr) if a good will put some parts This will allow me to make stock when the product is available on the local market thanks in advance

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