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Is Rytary covered on your MEDICARE insurance???

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My step dad just died and my mom is no longer covered under his insurance. She has been diagosed with Parkinsons for over 10 years. I just got my mom medicare coverage Part B. I am looking for Part D coverage which is medications. I have tried a bunch of insurances and none of them covered Rytary. The only one I found was a company named Magellan and the cost would be $38.80 per month PLUS $391.34 bringing it to a total of $430.14 a month for medication coverage because of the Rytary. Does anyone have medicare Part D with a company that covers Rytary?

Thank You

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Can't help on Medicare but look up My Rytary.  It's the patient assistance program that Impax (pharm co that makes it) runs.  They give away quite a bit.  I'm using it right now.  No idea what the income threshold is for a single person household, but call and talk to them.  I have to run out to do some yard work, but if I find the number this evening I'll PM you with the info.

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