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Pill schedule

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i have  been having trouble falling   asleep so I went to see an insomnia specialist and she came up with a plan.

What was happening is that my meds were running out at 7:30 so I would go to bed at like 8:30. But my body wasn't ready for sleep so what would end up happening is that I would toss and turn for 2-3 hrs before falling asleep. Well that's not good.  I tried to make adjustments to my meds so they would last longer so I wouldnt be off( shakes so bad) and then I would be able to stay up longer but the meds caused more insomnia.

So I was between a rock and a small place.  If I take more meds I won't be able to sleep if I go to bed too early because my meds wear off I won't be able to sleep  either.The therapist said that I have to retrain my brain. So to do that I can't go to bed any earlier than 11:30 that way I will only be spending 6 hrs in bed. So to accomplish that I have to stay up until that time . Now since I am not taking any extra meds I still shake so I am trying to use meditation to get my tremors under control.My  schedule is as follows

6:30 AM 2 Rytary,1.5  Reg Sinemet , 1 Amantadine,1 Azilect,  2 carbidopa    1.5 mg paxil    

9:00  3 Rytary,  1 sinemet, 1 carbidopa

12:00     3  Rytary,  1  sinemet     1  Amantadine     1 Carbidopa

3:00   2 Rytary  1.5 Sinemet  1 Carbidopa

5:30   1.5 carb/lev ER, 1.5 reg sinemet,  1 amantadine, 1 carbidopa

8:00 1.5 reg sinamet

Can you suggest any medication changes that would keep me on longer without causing insomnia?

I have found that I cant take rytary past 3 it keeps me awake

This is true for Sinemet ER so I try gto use as little of that as possible

Boy this medication stuff is so confusing!


I really appreciate your input

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In some patients amantadine causes insomnia (as does selegiline).  You may try eliminating the late dose or using the extended release amantadine.

The other useful thing may be a sleep study, addition of clonazepam at bedtime and taking more sinemet if you wake up at night and can't get back to sleep.

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