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Came back to my whole name on display

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I disappeared, then, when I reappeared, my whole name was on display. Well, millennials aren't know for being privacy conscious on the internet, anyway. A quick update, I don't have PD. I visited an MDS nearby, and he thought based on my DATscan and how I moved, it's not likely I have PD. My neck dystonia never cleared up, but it seemed to do better with more c/l. We tested for DRD, but no genetic link. I don't quite fit the DRD mold, to be honest; I have motor fluctuations, and incomplete response to c/l, and i take way more c/l than a typical DRD person would take (1,400 mg a day, plus an agonist). Dystonia everywhere now, but I'm slowly learning to manage.  I live this weird paradox where I can swim pretty hard, sprint repeats and such, for about an hour, but can't drive my car more than 30 minutes. It's weird. I'm cutting back on the swimming intensity (i'm not very fast, by the way). I'm slowly learning that I can does not equal I should. Or, at least, that's what my shoulders tell me :-) 

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