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Helping my Dad Transition to Assisted Living

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Hi There,

My dad has late stages of Parkinson's Disease.  His symptoms are controlled pretty well with medication, so physically he is doing pretty well.  He is doing well enough that he ran three miles away from the house two weeks ago.  Cognitively he is not doing as well.  We can still carry on a conversation with him and he knows who everyone is, but he has hallucinations.  Most of the time the hallucinations just involve him talking to family members that are not there.  The dangerous hallucinations that happen two weeks ago when he was not in his right mind and ran three miles from the home.  I think the most dangerous thing with my dad is that it is a bad mix to be doing well physically, but not so well cognitively.  His doctor suggested we move my parents to an assisted living place.  The plan is to move them next weekend.  

I am looking for suggestions regarding the big move next weekend.  I have already emailed my dad's Parkinson doctor and asked her about what suggestions she has because he is now saying he is not going to leave his house.  He is acting like he is refusing to move.  I am afraid his behavior that day will be unpredictable.  I have this idea that we could have the current caregiver take him to the gym and then we could tell him after he works out we are going to the new facility.  I am afraid that he is going to be too anxious to watch the furniture get moved out, so I was thinking he should be out of the house.  Once we move them my parents will not have a caregiver because the assisted living place will have people that can assist.  I am not sure if the doctor should prescribe something for him that weekend to keep him calm.  Anyhow, looking for suggestions because my parents have comprehensive needs and one caregiver in their home is not enough to care for them currently.

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When we moved my parents to AL my sister took them for the day. They were very anxious about the move and my mother has dementia. The movers arrived at 8am, loaded the furniture that was going with them to AL. By 4pm we had their new home looking as similar as we could to their old home and we brought them over. They still marvel at how good it was to have their things with them right away. It was a huge transition for them but now they realize it was a good move for them and they are thriving.

it might be helpful to have their old caregiver continue with them for a few days as they adjust to the new staff.

good luck, it's a hard process for everyone


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Hi Brillo,

I agree with Twitch, it would be a good idea to keep them occupied while their belongings are being moved over.  My dad (who's in the same shape as yours) realized that he didn't have other options after mom died, so he went willingly.  His dementia wasn't very evident then, but as it got worse he started having a hard time.  Plus we lived in a different state.  

Now that we have moved him down here he's in memory care & is more engaged than when he was at home.  Good luck!

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