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Dancing Bear

PD Awareness Month ..have any good materials?

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Hello Forumland,

Hope you are having a "winning day".   Does anyone have a good website or document on PD and PD education that you would post to Social Media or send as an attachment to family and friends in the name of PD awareness?  Could you post it here? Looking for something concise and informative.

Thanks in advance!    DB

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I just listened to a free Parkinson's Foundation ExpertBriefing titled Is It Related to PD? Runny Noses, Skin Changes and Overlooked PD Symptoms. It will be available for viewing on April 25 at www.pdf.org. It was very informative about all aspects of PD.



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I wouldn't call it consise or informative but this is what I posted on my blog April 1st:



Happy Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month


April is national Parkinson’s disease awareness month, and since I have Parkinsonism I was planning on doing a big post.

A post talking about things like the early warning signs (like changes in handwriting), as well as some of its lesser known symptoms (such as trouble swallowing, losing your sense of smell, and constipation; Parkinsonism is the gift that keeps on giving), then end the post with the fact that yes you can develop Parkinsonism at 32 (your drs are just going to diagnosis you with migraines, myasthenia gravis, an aneurysm, strokes, and seizures before they get around to giving you a pill that makes you vomit twice a day; but hey, at least it takes away your tremors).

So I was planning on doing a fairly long post, but then my body went and decided to develop a large ovarian cyst (what can I say, my body does weird stuff; but at least I get great parking). In place of the post I had planned, I will leave you with what I would call my Parkinson’s disease charity, were I to start one:







Michael J Fox totally wishes he’d thought of that acronym first!



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