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traveling across time zones

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I will be traveling from Boston to Arizona and am concerned about the time change and my meds.I am flying out of Boston @ 6 am  Which means I will be taking my first dose significantly earlier. (430-5 AM)I will also be gaining 3 hours. So if I just followed my regular schedule how do I account for the 3 hrs I gained.

On the way home I will be leaving Arizona 12:30 in  the afternoon but will be losing 3 hours  Could you please come up with some schedule?  I am so confused



This is what my pill schedule is:

6:30 :2 Rytary, 1.5 Reg Sinemet,2 Carbidopa1 amantadine,1 azilect 15 mg paxil

9:30 :3 rytary,1 sinamet,1 carbidopa

12:00 :3 Rytary  1 Sinemet  1 amantadine

1 carbidopa


2 Rytary, 1.5 sinemet, 1 carbodopa


2 sinemet. 1 CR , 1 Amantadine

1 carbidopa


2 sinemet


50 mg ofNortriptylin








































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It is very good to hear from you again. I have run into this same situation over the years as I traveled to speak all over the country. I tried almost everything imaginable to try and rectify the issue, from trying to keep the same schedule as to where I left, to slowly adjust medication, and it just did not work.

I realized that I needed to be more proactive than reactive when traveling to the western times zones, I am located in Michigan. What I started a few years ago was to be proactive and change my sleeping schedule while at home and before traveling. This way I basically created a very close situation as if I were on west coast time. The key to this is to try and stay up later and force yourself to sleep longer. I mean literally force yourself. The adjustments you make while at home will be very close to those when you travel. By doing this you will adjust your medication accordingly while at home and not have to make severe adjustments while you are out there. 

I started just forcing myself to stay up an hour later than usual and sleeping an hour later than usual. After about 3 days I stayed up 2 hours later than usual and woke up 2 hours later than usual. It is sometimes very hard to do, but even if you are in a sleep like state that will help. Lastly, I then waited 3 more days and stayed up 3 hours more than usual and woke up 3 hours later than usual. You will find that eventually your medication will be adjusted accordingly. This is not easy, but it is much better than trying to adjust the dose after the fact.

Being proactive rather reactive made my life when traveling so much better. I am not saying you will not have to make small adjustments while on the road, but they will be much less than trying to change your entire regime all at once.

i hope this helps and keep my posted. Good travels to you, be safe, and have fun.

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