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Generic Ropinerole

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I am taking Ropinerole ER 4mg and my supplier has recently changed my medication to a Sandoz product from one made by Actavis Eliz. I am not tolerating the Sandoz product - headaches, nausea, foggy brain etc but I cannot find the Actavis product. I do know that Actavis has been taken over by Teva but I don't know if they are still producing Ropinerole.

Ropinerole ER is also produced by Mylan, Dr Reddy and other companies. Does anyone have good results with these products?

I also wonder whether anyone has tried Requip ER made by Smith Kline Beecham in Turkey? I can buy it for $132 for 84 pills.

thanks for any help, Twitch


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The efficacy of one Generic to another is very patient specific, I have heard that the Mylan does work very well. I would suggest that you ask the pharmacy to special order the Activis generic Brand for you. Many of the pharmacies have a primary wholesaler who will automaticall switch to the generic brand that is either at a cheaper cost or one that they have received a great deal on. They also have a secondary wholesaler where they can order specific generic medication and apply a "no substitution" to the product. This means you will get the exact Generic brand you would like. If they are unwilling to do that, may I suggest that you have your Doctor write on the prescription "Actavis Generic Only." I do know that the Actavis Generic is still being produced. It is a light blue oval/oblong tablet with the numbers 659 imprinted on them. You can also let the pharmacy know that the NDC (the National Drug Code which is specific for each medication begins with 00228-3659-XX. The 00228 is the manufacturer of the medication (in this case it is for Actavis products). The second set of numbers, 3659, refers to the medication and strength (in this case it represents Ropinirole 4mg ER). The last two digits, which I have made an "XX" are two numbers that coincide with the package size that the medication comes from (usually 02 is the package size of 100 tablets). This number may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but 02 seems to be the most used for a bottle size of 100. Inyour case, you may want to ask the pharmacist is they can order NDC number 00228-3659-02. This should allow them to order Actavis Generic Ropinirole 4mg ER tablets in a 100 count bottle. Usually if you just say that you would like the Actavis Generic because it gives you better control of your symptoms and give them the 00228-3659 part of the NDC, they should be able to look it up and order it for you.

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.

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