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Azilect vs Selegilne

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What's the difference between azilect and selegiline? 

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Selective Monoamine Oxidase B (MAO-B) Inhibitor- Monoamine Oxidase Metabolizes Dopamine

Also has some affinity for MAO-A

Usually used in combination with levodopa

Has a food restriction interaction with foods containing Tyramine (wine, aged cheese, cured meats) and can cause a severe spike in blood pressure

Is available in tablet and patch form

One of it's metabolites is a derivative of Amphetamine so it should not be used too close to bedtime

has also been used for depression


Newer than selegiline

Selective MOA-B Inhibitor with no apparent affinity for MAO-A

Used as Monotherapy solely for Parkinson's Disease

There has not been a reported case of any food interaction's as there are with Selegiline

Appears to be Neuroprotective where as Selegiline does not

Does not have an Amphetamine derivative as a metabolite so there is no restriction on time of day dosing

More potent than Selegiline (lesser dose controls symptoms to a greater extent than Selegiline)

Only used for Parkinson's Disease

Less side effects than Selegiline


I hope this helps and please keep me posted

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If you are considering taking it in tablet form, I would recommend the Azilect due to less side effects and greater efficacy. 

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.

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