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3 Questions--Sinemet, Protein, Constipation

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Yeah, I know this looks like a dumb title. My first question is about taking Sinemet too close to the time of eating, before or after. I've read that protein interferes with the absorbing of the Sinemet. Ok, does this mean that only some of the Sinemet takes longer to do it job, or does it mean that of portion of the Sinemet is lost and does nothing?

Next question deals with Constipation. I've had constipation  for about a year or more, progressing in severity over that time.  My neuro says that the constipation is likely due to the Parkinson component of my Lewy Body Dementia. He has me taking Miralax for it, something to do with muscles in the gut not working right. So, I'm just wondering if this is a common problem for PD? If so, what do folks take other than Miralax?

That's it for now, but I thank you for putting up with these questions.

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My experience with constipation. I have Gerd as well as IBS. I have found for me that high fiber cereal in the morning as well as a very specific routine for BM's is critical (train the bowel) to eliminate everyday at the same time. Sit on the toilet for as long as it takes to have a movement same time everyday.

I also dont eat anything without fiber in it. No fiber, no eat.

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It's my underatanding that Sinemet is absorbed in the small intestines. If it doesn't get converted during that time frame, it goes down the tubes. As for constipation, I've been dealing with this issue for the last 15+ years, long before I developed Parkinson's. I have chronic pain for nerve damage in my lower back.  I take pain medication every day. Prior to PD, the constipation was an on and off again problem. PD has made this a daily struggle. I take Miralax every day along with the Apple Sauce concoction that my doctor suggested I take. I've modified it to my personal taste:

     1 tbsp of Apple Sauce

     3 tbsp of Wheat Germ (Kretschmer Wheat Germ - Original Toasted)

     Sprinkle some Ground Saigon Cinnamon for taste (supposedly good for my Diabetes)

     Heat in the microwave for 60 seconds

Hopefully that helps you out.



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Accidentally took medicine too close to a meal (protein) once!  Never again.

Pharmacist, medicine bottle and MDS previously told me not to take the medicine with a meal because "protein can interfere with the absorption of the medicine."  Fairly benign warning, so I wasn't too concerned.  At first. 

After eating, I began to notice that my body wasn't recovering as usual after taking a dose of Sinement.  In fact, the body was continuing it's pre-dose free-fall off the No-Dopamine-Cliff.  And for the next three or more hours until I took my normally scheduled dose, the body continued to plummet further into Parkinson's hell.  The warning labels said nothing about this or the resulting pain.  So naturally, when I took my next normally scheduled dose, it didn't work either.  Well, it worked, but it could barely stop the fall.  As I recall, it took a number of doses before I was back to Parkinson's normal.  Warning labels said nothing about this torture.

Had I realized at the time that the meal-time dose was useless, I would have taken a second dose 45-minutes or so after eating and probably could have prevented most of the horror's associate with missing a dose.

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