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MComes RPH

Natural Supplements and Foods that can increase dopamine

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I came across two articles while reading my Flipboard news. After reading the articles I thought I would pass them along to you. One talkes about 54 Supplements that may increase Dopamine and the other speaks of 11 foods that are considered "Dopamine Filled."

I am posting these as and information only piece. I do not recommend eliminating medication and only use these foods and supplements to maintain your symptoms. The other issue is we do not even know if any of these will cross the Blood Brain Barrier, which must happen in order for a chemical to work.

Once again these are just for casual and leisure reading . Please keep that in mind when reading them.

Thank you.

54 Natural Supplements, Agonists and Drugs to Increase Dopamine (and 12 things to Avoid). Http://flip.it/yHpr-D

11 Dopamine-Filled Foods. Http;//flip.it/H2LOAU

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