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Anyone taking only mucuna pruriens?

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I am a newbie to this and so far just taking some mucuna pruriens to help with symptoms.

from various readings it sounds like mp is very similar to sinemet (just a little more difficult to get dose exact).  Mp seems to have some other positive effects and some readings make it sound like a better treatment than traditional meds?  

i only have tremors in my left hand and arm so at this point just trying to make things a little better so dipping my toe into possible treatments without going down any path that could start me down a path of getting resistant to drugs and upping dosages etc....

just wondering positive or negative reactions to this approach (other than the can't get dosage exact argument)?

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Add Ashwaghnda to mucuna. Great combo. For some, mucuna doesn't work well. Some can substitute it for Sinemet. Mucuna has more healing properties so good for occasional use too

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