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Vascular parkinsonism

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Today was my 2nd visit to a neurologist. Tremors have been my main symptom. He tested me and feels I do not have parkinson's disease. The dr.said he believes my problems stem from a series of mini strokes that effected the basal ganglia area of the brain.He prescribed a sleep apnea test. I'd like to know is this diagnosis would be accurate? Is this  common? Will these tremors progress?  Can they be reversable? He didn't want to put me on any medication yet.



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Chuck, the doctor could be wrong in not giving you a diagnosis of PD. In previous posts, you asked about Parkinsonism vs. PD. Has he decided against that possibility as well?

Many of us have had sleep studies because PD can affect the breathing muscles. Perhaps your neurologist is asking for a sleep study to look for a different cause for your symptoms.

Fortunately or unfortunately, time is what will prove or disprove a PD diagnosis. If you can see a Movement Disorders Specialist (a neurologist who has specialized in PD and other movement disorders) you might get a different response. Or you might not. If your symptoms get worse and you develop more symptoms, it will be easier to come to a conclusion. In the meantime, you can exercise, learn stress reduction techniques and eat foods high in antioxidants. Focus on what brings you joy and peace. If you get a diagnosis of PD in the future, you will be ahead of where I was when I was diagnosed some 30 years after I first noticed a tremor in my right hand.

I wouldn't wish a diagnosis of PD on anyone.


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