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I've had a tremor in my left hand for about seven months. It's a resting and essential tremor which occurs throughout the day. It started out with my pinky. After a month, another finger started having a tremor and within a few months, all fingers on my left hand, including my thumb, were affected. I also get occasional painful spasms in my pinky. Spasms also occur in my toes on both feet, although the spasms occur more frequently with my right foot. Several times a week, I get painful cramps in my left hand. I've noticed that this usually happens when my fingers are partially curled. I was wondering if this could be rigidity? It usually happens with my fingers and they will sort of 'get stuck' when I attempt to straighten them to avoid the pain, but the top of my hand also hurts at times.

I am a 48 year old female. I have hypothyroidism, but since it's well-controlled,  I doubt my thyroid is causing the tremor, spasms and cramping that I mentioned above. An EMG and brain MRI were normal, although, I do have stable degenerative disc (little bulges here and there) disease of my cervical spine. I've had paresthesia on and off for the past 2.5 years.

I saw a MDS who does not think I have Parkinson's since my tremor does not have a pin rolling movement. Must a tremor seen in Parkinson's always be of a pin rolling nature?

Thank you.


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Commonly young women with Parkinson's can get dystonia and tremor in their hands with cramping.  It is possible this is all Parkinson's disease, and you should perhaps get a second opinion.  Not all cases have a pill rolling tremor.

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