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Ketogenic Diet

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I have heard of the Ketone Diet, which is also known as the Keto Diet, Low Carb Diet, and Low Carb High Fat Diet. Basically it works on the fact that when you eat a small amount of carb's, the body produces Ketones to be used as energy.

When we eat food with a high carb count, your body produces insulin and glucose. The insulin that is produced is used to process the glucose in the body. As we all know, glucose is the easiest product for the body to break down to use it for energy. When there is glucose available to be used for energy, The fats are not needed for energy and are therefore stored. When the glucose is not there, such as in a low carb diet, the body produces ketones. These ketones are produced from the stored up fat in the body.

The main thing to remember is that we do not food intake to lose weight, but rather limit or eliminate carb intake so that the body can be pushed to the state of producing ketones. Where the high fat comes in is when we eat more fat containing products and less carbs, the body will turn to the fats for ketones for it's main source of energy.

One word of caution about this diet is that you have to be aware that increasing the consumption of fat in the diet could lead to high cholesterol which, in turn, could cause clogged arteries and possibly a heart attack. That is why it is so important to have your cholesterol checked regularly. Another recommendation I have if you are to embark on this diet is to used ketone sticks. These sticks are little pieces of paper that check the ketone levels in the urine.Some common side effects of the Keto Diet are constipation, fatigue when you first start the diet, cramps, and possible heart palpitations.

As with any diet, I also recommend exercise, drink plenty of water, and don't forget to take a vitamin supplement. Also, many people ask me how much water they should intake on a daily basis. The standard used to be 8oz. of water 8 times a day. Now there is an exact formula, thanks to the Mayo Clinic, to tell you how much water you should intake daily. It may seem like a lot of work, but here is the equation:

1) Take your weight (in lbs.) and divide it by 2.2.

2) Multiple that number by your age.

3) Divide that sum by 28.3.

4) Your total is how many ounces you should drink every day.

You can divide that number by 8 to see how many 8oz. glasses you should drink per day. You can also take that same number and divide it by 16.9 to see how many bottles of water you should drink per day. I always recommend that you do not drink it all at once to get it out of the way, but rather spread it throughout the day, making sure to stop drinking after 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the evening so you are not up all night urinating.

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.


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