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Sinemet and morning Blood Glucose increase

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I was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes in 2008 (I was 49 at the time) and about 3 months ago started Sinemet for PD.  In the past month or so my Blood Glucose and/or insulin resistance have spiked up until about 12:00 noon.  I've read some research regarding Sinemet's possible influence on what's happening.  Neither my Endocrinologist nor my Neurologist has sufficient experience in each others field to know what's going on.  Any ideas here so I know if this is a new paradigm where I need to permanently adjust my insulin dosage?  I'm also taking 60mg of Cymbalta and 30mg of Remeron, as well as Synthroid for Hashimoto.  

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There is correlation between insulin levels and Parkinson's patients taking Sinemet. In an article in Neuroscience Todayit showed the direct effect of Sinemet on Insulin.

This issue, or interaction, is due to the fact that Sinemet interferes with glucose absorption by skeletal muscle.This causes an increase in insulin levels as the body attempts regulate this effect. It is normal when there is glucose in the blood that insulin stimulated muscle absorption and storage which, in turn, lowers glycemic levels. This study indicated that Sinemet stops this protective action.

It is also believed that catacholamines (dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinepherine) may be destroyed by insulin.This could possibly lead to a cycle whereas Sinemet increases insulin which destroys dopamine leading to the need for more Sinemet.

I believe you may have to possibly change the time of your insulin. My suggestion would be to take the insulin 1 hour prior to Sinemet or 2 hours after taking Sinemet. I believe that taking it 1 hour prior to the Sinemet would probably be best.

I would also suggest you keep a journal of medications, times you take the medication, and any effects it has on you. This should allow you to fine tune when you should take the Sinemet in regards to the insulin.

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