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What people say that p... me off

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Hackneyed platitudes such as the following can be perceived as insulting or annoying.

 Everything happens for a reason.      

Just be glad you don’t have anything worse than PD.

God does not give us more than we can handle.

My thoughts are with you

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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I gave up paying attention to what others care to say.Often I have heard other parkies relate   with the same thoughts so havng PD doesn't always equate that you are different from the normal crowd

.Virtues like empathy and understanding come from a lot of self practice

I have found that getting involved in making a better world seems to make my PD a very small part of my life.

maybe it was a good thing Trump was elected,it shows what being indifferent in our world can cause disastrous results.

If he was smart it would be terrible,thank God he,s not


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How about just rub some icy hot on those stiff muscles ! 

How about the constant bashing of our elected officials ! The other choices you had were no better !

how about at least it's not cancer !

plenty more out there 


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