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Other Illnesses and PD

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How do other illnesses, or dental work, or operations impact your PD. I had gallbladder surgery a few months prior to being diagnoses with PD and had a difficult recovery. I recently had a tooth pulled (difficult extraction in my mind) and it affected me negatively for a couple of days. Of course I'm 71 yo and that may be an issue also. I plan in a couple of months having about 6 teeth pulled on top and fitted with a denture. Just wondering to myself what kind of impact that will have on me. Does PD make these things more difficult?

Anyone with similar experiences?

If i got the flu or what ever, how it would impact PD - OR how the PD impacts the others recovery.


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I believe moderate to advanced PD can interfere with surgery and recovery.

I developed sepsis from Diverticulitis a year and a half ago.  My stay in the hospital did not go well and I'm still trying to recover from infections and complications from having most of my colon removed.

I asked this question to Dr. Okun a while back.  He confirmed that PD often complicates and can get worse after surgery.  My team of docs at home are also blaming PD for my lack of recovery.

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