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Linda Garren

The Importance of Copper in Neurological Function

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My MDS this past week brought to my attention the importance of having an adequate supply of copper in our bodies for good neurological function.  He brought that to my attention when I mentioned to him I use a topical zinc product.  Apparently it's important that zinc and copper levels be balanced in the body.  Recent blood testing showed that I was indeed deficient in copper.   This was the first I've heard of this and so thought I'd forward some information on to you about it:   http://www.pharmacist.com/neurological-function-and-copper-too-much-or-not-enough

Am trying to remember if it's also important to balance potassium re: this issue.  I think it is, but you could quickly check that out on line to find out for sure.

I am sure that iron should also be in balance with those minerals (but that's impossible for me, as I'm kept purposely deficient in iron to help control a blood disorder).

It all gets kind of complicated, doesn't it!  :unsure:

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