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EnC    0

And here we are again..

At the beginning was hard to deal with it, at some point it left..

But since a couple of weeks it keeps coming to visit every night.

Sometimes I think it's a part of my new super powers (produced by the medication), but the fact is that next day, i have always a couple of critics moments not to fall asleep at work.

I wonder what other people do, when u open ur eyes at 3am and u think.."shit.., again" .

My new yoga curse, Asthanga yoga, seems to help with it..at least today I opened my eyes at 5.30.

I just think, it was great when I used to sleep 7 or 8 hours.

Good morning to every one :)

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otolorin    28

Some PD medications have insomnia as side effects too.They tend  to change the sleep cycle.Magnesium,melatonin,and alprazolam helps.Some people benefit from antidepressant trazadon for sleep.

Edited by otolorin

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